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How to deal with setbacks

Now, that you know the truth about setbacks , you have to move to the next step, dealing with setbacks. The effective handling of setbacks ...

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The truth about setbacks

So you had a setback? Congratulations. I'm not crazy, I really mean it. Though they tend to have depressing effects, setbacks are a necessary part of our life. They aren't present to keep balance between happiness and sadness. They are essential to increase your real success.

Setbacks aren't failures, they are just stops between your start point and destination. You fail only if you you give up at this point. Do you leave the train if it stops at some station before your destined station? Then, why ditch your dream after a setback?

No one wins every battle in life and wins the war, too. The only people who seem to have won life's every battle are the ones with faulty memories. Liked this line, click to tweet.

We never introspect or reconsider our plans when we are on the track of success. Success boosts our ego but setbacks help us to reevaluate our decisions, to know whether you were actually on the right track in the first place. There are many theories of ancient times like some of Aristotle's observations which are proved wrong now. The only reason, those theories were accepted in the first place were because someone established them successfully. They weren't right, nobody cross-checked them, then.

Setbacks spin you around, that's why your life seems upside down. Don't give up your dreams based on an illusion. Give yourself some time. Once you settle down everything becomes clear. When you have a setback, don't quit. You've got a chance to analyze yourself and your methods. You can deal with setbacks and bounce back effectively. Think about it.


  1. Like it is said: Failure is the stepping stone to success!

    1. True...failures guide us on the road to success.

  2. Very good observation on a subject that entails every human being who believes in taking risk and trying.
    Yes the I really liked the line.
    Enjoyed reading.

    1. Thanks a lot. Yup, every human being has to risk it when he wants to try.

  3. I know this is true, and thanks for the reminder. I found your great blog through the WLC Blog Follows on the World Literary Cafe! Great to connect!


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